Chuck Agro

“Some of this is real, most of it is a gift that I claim as mine. If it makes sense to you, that’s great. If it doesn’t then you shouldn’t have asked a question that requires a lie to satisfy your need to understand.”

My work explores the relationship between gender politics, the tyranny of ageing and daytime TV.

With influences as diverse as Camus and John Lennon, new insights are manufactured from both traditional and modern structures and new synergies are distilled from both constructed and discovered textures.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by the ephemeral nature of relationships. What starts out as hope soon becomes debased into a dialectic of lust, leaving only a sense of chaos and the inevitability of a new reality.

I dismiss constructed narratives and traditional story-telling and work towards a non-directed, unconscious imagery that generates its own narrative. Undirected narrative generated by a section of our culture filtered by the force of its impact, through me and manifested by my desires and repulsion to become a filter for all conscious articulations.

As momentary narratives become reconfigured through studious and critical practice, the viewer is left with a testament to the limits of our existence and to the darkness of our era.

Chuck Agro 2015